Adam Sanchez
Production Artist

This is my favorite image of my tortoise Fritz taken this year. I think this relaxing tortoise perfectly encapsulates 2022. Resting his weary bones after a long season of scooting around eating grass and clover.

Amanda Bolinger
Production Artist

Kauai spoke to me as an inspiring moment because being able to see so much land that is being preserved makes me hopeful for the future. 

Annika Curren
Account Manager

This photo of my family means a lot to me because I have grown even closer to each of them this year, and they are a large part of my support system. Especially our pup, Louise! I know that I am very lucky to have this family and am looking forward to spending the holidays with them.

Arman Golemohammadi

Digital Strategist & Video Production Artist

An afternoon by the River in Paris with good friends and good wine! 

Brian Saldivar
Associate Creative Director

Traveling has been one of my passions for many years. Forcing myself to see the world for what it truly is, rather than what’s been told. But this year, I’ve explored the relationships of those closest to me. Humbled and grateful to have a second chance to spend more time with my mother, who is recovering from major surgery. 

Chris Borgione

Senior Account Executive 

Visiting Tulum this year was an experience I will never forget. Spending hours each day kayaking, snorkeling, wandering the beach, and enjoying everything the city itself had to offer, all with my family, is something I’ll cherish forever.

Christopher Salling
Senior Partner

Our foster dogs have taught us a lot this year about kindness and empathy. Lessons our boys will never forget!

Daniel Martin

Fearless in the face of any obstacle.  Limitless with their passion for new discovery.  Full of Sister Love that makes Mom and Dad bubble with joy.

Eunice Go
Director of Finance

I am grateful for everything.

Ian Santos
Digital Strategist

We took my friend's boat out in the San Diego bay and sailed it just off Point Loma at sunset.  It was an extremely clear afternoon. The sky produced a sunset I was quite familiar with, but this one felt different.  I couldn't put my finger on it immediately, but after some mulling around and taking in the sunset I realized that it was at this moment I was pretty content with everything going on in my life.  Being a naturally anxious human being, I did not feel any of that for once.

Jamie Fugere

Social Media & Account Services Strategist

This is a shot from the sun setting over LA from the top of Runyon Canyon. This fall hike was definitely a point of reflection on all that has been accomplished and all that is to come in the new year!

Elizabeth Renteria

Senior Graphic Designer

This year I got to see one of the bands that I loved as a teenager, but never had the chance to see them, My Chemical Romance. Their performance was above and beyond my expectations and it was really cool being around so many die hard fans singing along to every song. And after two years of not being able to go to shows, it seemed like everyone there was really grateful to experience such an amazing show.

Luis Castillo

Production Artist

2022 has been all about being closer to nature and enjoying every moment.

Maddie Davis

VP, Account Services

This year, we traveled to Italy to celebrate the wedding of our friends in Ravello. We were able to take the opportunity to travel through the country, spend quality time with friends and experience incredible food along the way!

Mark A
Director of Web Engineering

I've been so fortunate to have had this year themed around escape, curiosity, and adventure. That said, here is beer with a thick layer of full fat butter on top in Czechia.

Mark Paolucci

The union of Chance Paolucci and Shannon Brady was profoundly beautiful and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience such bliss, both within myself and in the heart of my oldest son.



Mike Hoye

VP of Public Relations

There were many high points for me in 2022, personally and professionally. It was a year of creating family memories while watching my son grow into a young man and do good things in school and in sports as he grows into a young man. On the workfront, I'm thankful for the longstanding relationships with colleagues, clients, those in the industry and members of the media. I was reminded this year that when you lean into relationships, with those you trust and value, it almost always leads to good things. I experienced loss in 2022. This is a photo of Dodgers great Maury Wills with my son Charlie from several years back. Maury passed away this year. Everything about Maury was good. The way he treated people and helped others with the utmost humility was inspiring. He helped me in so many areas of my life and I'm grateful to have had him as a friend. He showed me how to cherish life, and because of him, I always will. Happy Holidays!

Moshe Nadler


This picture depicts Ukrainian president Volodomyr Zelenskyy. I chose this picture to recognize the aid that the world has provided to Ukraine to help it in response to the invasion by Russia.

Nancy Lesney

Integrated Media & Account Services Manager

This photo captures why I'm inspired by World Central Kitchen - they are feeding millions of people in Ukraine and around the world and giving them hope. Their goal is to use the power of food to heal and strengthen communities in times of crisis. This organization has inspired me to donate, get involved locally and be grateful for all that I have.

Patrick Alferes

Graphic Designer

Learning something new takes consistency and joy to grow.

Peter Cooper

Senior Partner | Production Director and Photographer

This photo, taken in Hawaii, represents the end of the COVID Pandemic for me. After 2 years of solitude, mask wearing, avoiding of people and public spaces and enormous personal loss. Restrictions and worries had eased to the point that my family and I took our first real vacation since 2019. As I took this picture, I felt all that negativity melt away into the warm, blue Pacific. Life had returned.

Rachel Sharabi

Production Manager

I chose this image because it encompasses all that I'm grateful and thankful for--my family.

Sarah Meier

Senior Media Director

Pictured is a Roman sunset from my honeymoon in Italy and France this year. This trip inspired me to continue to share new and meaningful experiences with loved ones and friends. Here's to 2023!

Stephanie Cornejo

Account & Social Media Strategist

I picked this sunset picture to represent a high-point of 2022 because it inspired me to always take a second and enjoy what's right in front of you. At the time I took this picture I was walking on the strand which is always busy, but during that moment I decided to just stop and enjoy the fact I get to live in such a beautiful place!

Tess Porter

Account Coordinator

As 2022 comes to a close, I’m looking back on this past year grateful for all the good times. My highest high was the unbeatable opportunity to live the island life in Maui with great friends, fun adventures, and beautiful scenery.

William S

First trip to Catalina Island. Beautiful morning sunrise topped off with a great view of Catalina from the top of the island.