At Paolucci Salling & Martin, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a variety of innovative communication tools that embrace the most engaging visual and dynamic interactive experiences. One of the newest tools is our Matterport camera and touring technology - view our recent tour of the PS&M offices in El Segundo, click here.   

It’s pretty simple. We scan a space taking hundreds of 360 degree photos. Upload the imagery to create an immersive digital experience. And use 3-D and virtual reality technology to allow users to feel right at home anywhere through their computer or mobile device. These tours have increased engagement on web pages at tremendous rates – higher time on site, lower bounce rates, and dynamic content for digital ad units across multiple platforms.

The possibilities of Matterport are endless. Beyond homes or office, any space can be captured using a Matterport camera. The software comprehensively stitches the camera’s scans together creating a much more tailored user experience as opposed to a regular 360 degree camera. Viewing options include virtual reality, navigational, dollhouse, and floor plan views. This allows users to simulate a similar experience as if they had physically been in the space.

Matterport scans can easily be embedded into websites, Google Maps locations, and real estate listing websites such as Zillow. Specifically for real estate listings, this significantly increases the potential number of out-of-town buyers.

Reach out to our team to learn more about Matterport technology and how it can be successfully implemented for your needs.