The Endless benefits of working with PPC Certified Agency


Written by: Bernabe Macaraeg, PS&M's Digital Media Strategist 


As your company creates its marketing plan, it is critical to understand and consider the multiple platforms available for share your message.  At the top of that list should likely be:  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) aka Google Search.   It has often been said, “if I had one dollar left to market my business, putting it towards a paid search campaign would be the best use of that resource.”

Using the platform correctly is not quite as simple as one might think. It’s sad to say this but many marketing agencies who offer Google Services and PPC campaigns do not have the expertise that is required to leave their clients totally satisfied.   To add to that, working with a non-certified agency can lead to poorly managed accounts, incorrect persona of your business on the web, and most importantly can tug your budgets higher well beyond originally planned.

A majority of business owners don’t have the time nor the expertise to properly execute a full paid online strategy. The common practice would be to outsource the work to a 3rd party to set up the campaign and monitor results for them. When you look for a partner to run your campaigns you want the agency who can provide you with INSIGHTS & RESULTS  for your PPC dollars. You want an agency who has a proven track record that shows their expertise and strong understanding of not only your business but also the expertise in the world of PPC and how that impacts a larger integrated marketing plan.  Finally, any business wants to ensure that their partners stay within their budget parameters.

Paolucci Salling & Martin maintains certifications  in the following: Google Search, Google Display, YouTube Video, and Microsoft Advertising. In conjunction to the earned certifications, PS&M is a Google Partner Certified Agency as well as a Certified Agency in Microsoft Advertising.


What is a Google Partner Certified Agency?

When an individual or agency because a Google Partner, they get Google’s Official Seal of Approval and are always being tested to the highest standards. To reach the status of being a Certified Agency, the agency or individual must be able to pass a series of tests in Google AdWords and also in one other service that Google provides.  They must continuously meet the standards though strong sustained growth of accounts, be up to date with the platform’s seasonal changes in terms of privacy and best practices, and a series of ongoing training programs that must be passed with an 80% or higher. PS&M is a Google Partner with specializations in not only Search, but also Display and Video.


Benefits of working with a Google and Bing Certified Agency:


1. A Google Partner Certified Agency work directly with Google Representatives.

When becoming a Certified Agency, one will have access to a Google representative that assist them on the health of their campaigns and as well as providing them an option to opt into using new programs in BETA. BETA features are tested a few months if not years before releasing to the public. This advantage is a very important one in respect to getting the upper hand on your competitors. PS&M is currently using BETAs that are rolling out to the public next year and have been testing them with our current roster of clients.  Our clients have showed great success, and this give our clients to ability to get ahead in a competitive space. We are also in contact with 2 representatives from Google to discuss the health of our campaigns on a weekly basis. 

2. Google Partners know the ins and outs of the platform.

Google requires that all Agencies who are certified must have a certified Professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in all scopes of the platform. The Professional must take courses estimating of 40+ hours per certification and is trained to increase conversion rates, decrease bounce rates and identifying keywords that will benefit their client’s needs. Professionals are evaluated on a yearly basis to make sure that are up to date with best practices and are aware of upcoming policy changes.

3. Full scope of the “Bigger Picture”

When working with Paolucci Salling & Martin, we are a full in-house agency. This is helpful in the PPC efforts because as an agency, we not only have a hand in the PPC world, but also have our other hand in the world of creative arts and web development. In some cases, a company would hire 3 different agencies to fulfill their Digital Efforts, Creative Efforts, and Web Development. Working with a full in-house agency creates a more seamless work environment for the client, allowing for swift turnarounds while producing work that meets the client’s goals.


If you’re company is in the market to find an agency who has a proven track record of success in Google Search, Google Display, YouTube Video, and Bing Search and has access to BETAs we’re here to help. Please email: and we can be the Agency that guides you though the ever-growing digital landscape.