Half A Decade In the City of Peace and Abundance

In 2008, PCA was first introduced to La Paz through the luxury real estate and golf development Bahia de los Sueños. Our first trips to La Paz were both inspiring and conflicting.

Such a wonderfully authentic town offered so much natural beauty that in many ways we felt compelled to keep it a secret.  But considering that keeping the town a secret wasn’t an option, we realized that telling the La Paz story in the most honest manner possible while sharing it with only those who could appreciate it, protect it and honor it was our true calling.  Consider La Paz is surrounded by what Jacques Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World” and what recently became a protected UNESCO World Heritage site.   In addition, five universities exist in La Paz, a highly regarded health care system and Forbes has named it one of the “Top Ten Places to Retire.”  

In 2010, following an extensive RFP process, PCA was selected by the Mexico Tourism Board to represent La Paz with the objective of re-branding the city and launching a powerhouse marketing campaign throughout the western United States and Canada. The team’s first responsibility: a compressed, artful and definitional piece of language that would provide the foundation for La Paz’s communication program.  

LA PAZ: The City of Peace and Abundance on the Sea of Cortez

Over the last three years the Agency has hosted seven media FAM Trips with some of the top journalist in the world and three stateside press conferences resulting in a wide variety of public relations coverage. We have also launched a social media campaign that currently has more than 40,000 active followers, created an iOS travel app and run a variety of advertising campaigns across multiple media platforms including pre-roll video, banner ads, print, toppers and a highly successful Facebook ad campaign.  

PCA remains highly dedicated to the city of La Paz including its local residents “Los Paceños,” the Tourism Board leadership, its eco-friendly developers and most of all our closest swimming companions: the whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions and manta rays.