The City of El Segundo & PCA Announce New Partnership

Written by: Daniel Martin, PS&M's Senior Partner

El Segundo recently announced its new partnership with Paolucci Communication Arts to concept and direct a new placemaking campaign that will include branding, public relations, interactive and social media services. Our work for the city “officially” kicked off March 1. But unofficially, we’ve been thinking about our up-and-coming South Bay neighbor for years. The new campaign will include a variety of innovative and integrated ideas that intend to put El Segundo on the map for businesses on the move from all over the country. We can’t wait to get things started

PCA was selected from a field of seven applicants by El Segundo’s Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC), a nine-member commission composed of civic and business leaders tasked with retaining and attracting businesses. As told to the Daily Breeze , EDAC said PCA was a “standout” based on the work we’ve done with the city of La Paz, Mexico and Hollywood Park. “They’re known for helping cities reshape their image and bringing them out of obscurity,” said EDAC member Drew Boyles. “They know how to position a city innovatively.”

Boyles said the key difference between PCA was the firm’s experience working with other cities and helping them reshape their image and  “bring them out of obscurity.” “We deliberated a lot with the last three firms, and Paolucci just kept coming back with creative solutions,” he said. “We felt like they best understood how to position specifically a city — not just a client, but a city — innovatively, and how that is different.”

EDAC chair Brian Polkinghorne told Easy Reader News the advisory council spent 130+ hours (!) interviewing marketing firms. “It was a long process and we are very pleased to have Paolucci,” said Polkinghorne. “They had fresh and new ideas.”

At PCA, we know that things easily attained are of little value. And El Segundo was certainly more than worth the effort.

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